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Alpol – Eko Plus Premium

Product description

The ALPOL EKO PLUS PREMIUM system is a set of products for the thermal insulation of the external walls of buildings. The execution of the insulation consists in attaching to the external surface of the walls a system consisting of the following layers:

  • EPS thermal polystyrene insulation layers,
  • adhesive layer for bonding polystyrene insulating panels and embedding reinforcing fabric in thermal insulation systems,
  • decorative and protective layer consisting of a primer and a decorative coating

In the ALPOL EKO PLUS PREMIUM system, expanded polystyrene panels can be attached to existing walls with adhesives or glues as well as additional mechanical fasteners.

The system is available in four varieties that differ in applied coatings:

  • the M variety using decorative mineral plaster
  • the N variety using decorative acrylic plaster
  • the SIS variety using decorative silicate and silicone plaster
  • the WINTER variety designed for application in low ambient temperatures in mild winter weather
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Standards and specifications

Declaration of performance CE
European Technical Approval
The Building Research Institute

Fast and secure delivery

Compliance with European standards

Attractive prices

Scheme of insulation systems

  • Building external wall

  • Styrofoam adhesives ALPOL AK 530, ALPOL AK 532  or ALPOL AK 531

  • Styrofoam slab

  • Mesh adhesives ALPOL AK 532, ALPOL AK 531

  • Fibreglass underplaster mesh embedded in the adhesive ALPOL SW 145 or ALPOL SW 160

  • Plaster primer ALPOL AG 701, ALPOL AG 705 or ALPOL AG 706

  • Façade plaster finish: ALPOL AT 350 – 357, ALPOL AT 370 – 377, ALPOL AT 380 – 387, ALPOL AT 319 – 336 mineral decorative plasters painted with fasade paints
    ALPOL AF 640, ALPOL AF 660, ALPOL AF 680, ALPOL AF 685, colouring impregnating agent ALPOL AI  785.

Realizations with using the ALPOL EKO PLUS PREMIUM system in Belgium


Realizations with using the ALPOL EKO PLUS PREMIUM system in Belgium

Realization with using the ALPOL EKO PLUS system in Poland - in Krakow (Poland)

Realization with using the ALPOL EKO PLUS system in Poland - in Wroclaw (Poland)

Realization with using the ALPOL EKO PLUS in Poland - in Wroclaw (Poland)

Files to download

Instruction of use - Alpol Eko Plus 2.16 MB
Certyficate ZKP 1.15 MB
European Technical Assessment ETA 7.21 MB
Reaction to fire classification report 3.86 MB

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