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Product description

HYDRONYLON® is used to produce hydro-insulating and coated roofing. It is applied in liquid form on bitumen, asphalt, and felt roofing.


  • effective sealing
  • high quality and years of performance
  • energy saving – cool attic
  • minimum maintenance

HYDRONYLON® is an ideal solution for large-scale industrial and commercial buildings as well as residential buildings.

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Standards and specifications

Declaration of performance CE
The Building Research Institute

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Compliance with European standards

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The advantages of PROOF - TECH products

  • Long-term protection – easy to use. Effective and long-term protection.
  • Resistance to weather conditions – they are resistant to high temperature amplitudes and UV radiation.
  • Resistance to moisture – can be applied with a brush, a roller or a spraying process. After drying they form a seamless, permanently elastic, moisture-resistant protective layer.
  • Perfect protection – provide ideal protection for roofs with complex shapes. They’re characterized by excellent adhesion to renovated surfaces, high ductility, shape memory and water tightness.

  • Safety for the environment – do not require the use of open flames and are characterized by a low content of volatile organic compounds, then they are harmless to humans and the environment.
  • Modernity – an innovative way of renovation, sealing and maintenance of existing roofing – no need to take the present layer off!

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Catalog - PROOF TECH 9.52 MB
Declaration of Performance - HYDRONYLON 252.51 KB
Technical data sheet - HYDRONYLON® HP 114.50 KB
Technical data sheet - Priming emulsion 95.29 KB
Technical data sheet -HYDRONYLON HMS (P) 101.10 KB
Technical data sheet -HYDRONYLON HN.pdf 119.52 KB

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