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MATHERMIC – thermal insulation facade system

Product description

Mathermic is a thermal insulation system with clinker composed of two layers:

  • thermal insulation made of rigid polyurethane foam ( λ=0,023 W/mK for 10° C),
  • decorative facade made of clinker tiles.

The clinker tile is permanently embedded in the polyurethane foam. The modules can be used in both newly built constructions and in thermal insulation of existing buildings. The systems can be installed on walls made of any material (bricks, breeze blocks, concrete blocks, etc.).

The module Mathermic® is available in the following thicknesses: 40 mm, 50 mm and 60mm. At the moment we cooperate with four clinker tiles producers: Polish KingKlinkier  and CRH Klinkier, german Feldhaus and Belgian Nelissen and Vandersanden.

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Standards and specifications

Declaration of performance CE
The Building Research Institute

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Compliance with European standards

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The advantages of mathermic®

  • Modules are made of clinker tiles, which are resistant to: mechanical damage, abrasion, UV radiation, chemical and biological factors (e.g. mould).

  • Easy installation in harsh weather conditions and on different surfaces.

  • Can be used on brick, metal and concrete buildings.

  • Can be combined with other thermal insulation systems (e.g. with Styrofoam).

  • The system does not propagate fire (the classification applies to the product installed on a non-flammable substrate of at least A2-s3, dO class according to PN-EN 13501-1).

  • Dimensional stabillity of mathermic elements. The polyurethane core is rigid and resistant to compression.

  • Very low absorbability of both polyurethane and clinker.

System Mathermic with tile Feldhaus R735 - realization in Belgium


System Mathermic with tile Feldhaus R735 - realization in Belgium, Aiseau-Presles.

System Mathermic with tile KingKlinkier HF44 Arctic storm - realization in Belgium, Châtelet

System Mathermic with tile KingKlinkier HF01 Marrakesh dust - realization in Belgium, Ellezelles

System Mathermic with tile KingKlinkier 01 Natural Brown - realization in Belgium, Farciennes

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