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Plasterboard is a very universal building material that can be used in many residential buildings. They are used for the execution of partitions, false ceilings, delimitation of rooms or leveling of walls. They are perfect for hiding cables and installation pipes.

Plasterboard is extremely easy to install. Depending on the destination and the function they have to fulfill, they are fixed using an adhesive mortar or on a steel grid.

We have a wide range of panel types: from standard panels for universal use, through impregnated panels recommended for rooms with high humidity, to specialized panels for investment buildings. Our offer also includes all the materials and assembly accessories necessary for the realization of partitions or false ceilings.

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Types of plasterboard :

  • Type A, formerly GKB – the easiest plasterboards to use in rooms where the humidity is less than 70% of the relative air. Therefore, they are not recommended for use in rooms such as a laundry room or bathroom,

  • Type H2, formerly GKBI – panels impregnated with a special water-repellent agent. For use in rooms where the humidity of the air periodically increases, not exceeding 85%,

  • Type F, formerly GKF – panels whose core is reinforced with fiberglass, thanks to which they have fire-retardant properties. They are recommended for installation, among others. attics,

  • Type FH2, formerly GKFI – impregnated fire protection panels. Their core is impregnated with an impregnator and contains fiberglass,

  • Other specialist records, incl. with increased resistance, for folding, perforated, sound-absorbing.

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