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XPS insulation

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XPS, or extruded polystyrene, is a high quality insulating material that retains its properties even under very harsh conditions.

It is made of expanded polystyrene by extrusion through a slot die. The resulting polystyrene has a closed-cell structure and a smooth surface, due to which it has greater mechanical strength. It is also harder and less absorbent.

Due to its properties, it is often used for the insulation of basement walls and foundations. They are also used, among others, for the insulation of ceilings and inverted roofs, terraces etc.

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Advantages of XPS polystyrene:

  • Very low water absorption – thanks to the closed structure, this insulation is extremely resistant to moisture,

  • High mechanical resistance – it is perfect for places exposed to increased loads,

  • Simple assembly – the polyisocyanurate sheets are extremely light, thanks to this they do not weigh down the structure and they are very easy to install,

  • Dimensional stability – the product retains its dimensions over time – good thermal insulation parameters – the declared coefficient of thermal conductivity fluctuates in the range of 0.029 to 0.036 W / m K,

  • High hardness – a characteristic that distinguishes XPS from other insulating materials,

  • Easy and quick assembly,

  • Resistant to changes in environmental conditions – the product is not sensitive to freeze and thaw cycles.

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